It’s not long ago that Nikon announced their press conference, it will take place tomorrow and most likely we will see a D3s announced. Canon seems determinant not to be far behind they have now announced a press conference that will take place on Tuesday the 20th October.  Rumours have been flying since late September that Canon would announce something new in this month and now the press conference is a reality.

What Canon will show not many people know and few that does are not talking. Loads of rumours are talking about a new dslr for the sport and press photographer. This will no doubt be a Canon EOS 1D Mark 4. Specifications on this cameras have been wildly rumoured and I have seen loads of different configurations.

I have not seen anything from Canon so of course I can also only guess but I think that their are a few thing that we can be pretty sure about. The camera will have full HD video and a completely redesigned auto focus system.

One thing for sure Canon can’t really afford a mess up like the 1D Mark 3 so they need a kick ass camera to go in and top off not only the D3 but also the D3s we will hopefully see tomorrow.

Besides the new 1D Mark 4 camera their has also been rumours about Canon announcing a new flash based on E-TTL III and a new 70-200L F2.8 with the new generation of IS.

If the rumours are right and Canon really is opening up for a new generation of E-TTL then it will be very exiting to see what it can do. Canon has for a long time lagged a bit behind Nikon on the flash front and they could do with a complete redesign, I know I got my fingers crossed. I still don’t see why we need to buy expensive not to well working radio e-ttl transmitters from pocketwizzard, this needs to be build in.

In one week we will all be a lot wiser on what Canon has planed.