Rumours are flying around like crazy at the moment. A lot of people are talking about a new Canon camera supposedly the 7D following up on the huge success the Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

In my mind this is a bit early for Canon to stop production of the 5D Mark II. This can mean more than one thing it’s all a hoax and nothing new is coming soon. Canon could be coming up with a new killer camera and ending the production of the 5D Mark II early. This could also be a new line below or above the 5D Mark II.

Now a new image is out an the detail is pretty good, it is not the usual small bad quality cellphone. The image adds more to the rumour mill. I would guess that this could be a new line between the 50D and the 5D Mark II. The picture shows a button to pop up the build in flash. This for me is a clue that the camera will be below the 5D Mark II. It might also suggest that the camera is not a fullframe. Microphone input suggest video capability but Canon can hardly release a new camera in that class without it.

All this if of course only guessing only time can tell what will happen.

Have a look at the picture and take a guess yourself.

Canon EOS 7D rumour

Canon EOS 7D rumour