Loads of people are in these days talking about the incorporation of video on the new Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Is it good or bad? Is it a still camera or a video camera? Is it a gimmick or useful? Is the quality good enough or will it lag?

Not many people does really have any answers, since most people have not even had the camera in their hand. The few that has have not had much time with it no way to test anything out for real.

One lucky guy the in US named Vincent Laforet did manage to get his hand on this new baby for a full two days. These two days he decided to use on some video production. On very short notice and with a very small budget he set op to shoot some video with the new kid on the blog.

It has the potential to change our industry.

He teamed up with two models, three assistants, a co-director, one editor, and one make-up artist. These people should do both the video and some behind the scenes.

The editor was a professional and used to editing movies coming from the big industry cameras such as RED, one of the leading in the field. His comments on the 5D mark II low light quality should give people something to think about. He simple states that the 5D mark II beats even the RED production cameras when it comes to low light. Now keep in mind that a RED camera starts about a hundred grand, where as the 5D mark II ships for less than tree grand.

Everyone has been waiting for the video camera that can also take stills… here’s a still camera that can shoot stunning video.

If you have a little interrest in this area you should take a look at Vincent’s blog and read the full story. He also has some images on his site that will demonstrate the power of the video in the Canon 5D mark II.
Vincent Laforet – Blog