Canon EOS 7D – It’s here

2022-12-06T14:23:20+01:00september 1st, 2009|Udstyr|

Well today is the day. Canon is releasing info on the Canon EOS 7D today. The camera will be the first in a new product line. It will find it's place in between the [...]


Canon EOS 7D?? – Is it coming?

2022-12-06T14:24:48+01:00august 21st, 2009|Udstyr|

Rumours are flying around like crazy at the moment. A lot of people are talking about a new Canon camera supposedly the 7D following up on the huge success the Canon EOS 5D Mark [...]


5D Mark II manuel video

2022-12-06T13:26:47+01:00maj 27th, 2009|Udstyr|

Big news VERY big news. Canon has announced that they will release a firmware upgrade for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II 2 June 2009. The big thing is that as the headline says [...]


Canon 500D (t1i) sample images

2022-12-06T14:12:57+01:00marts 26th, 2009|Udstyr|

Yesterday I wrote about the new Canon EOS 500D / T1i and today I am back with a bit more on this. The first sample images are starting to show around the web. Hands [...]


Canon EOS 500D

2022-12-06T14:18:45+01:00marts 25th, 2009|Udstyr|

Canon has now released info on the new Canon EOS 500D. The new camera comes packed with a 15MP sensor, DiG!C 4, HD video recording, new af system and a 3" lcd with 920.000dots. [...]


Christmas for the Photographer

2022-12-06T18:07:29+01:00december 10th, 2008|Fotografi, Udstyr|

Christmas is closing in and the problem we all have when we get to this time of year is what to put on the wish list. I have found something that I like and [...]

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