Canon EOS 550D (T2i)

By |2019-01-07T19:48:06+01:00februar 9th, 2010|Udstyr|

Canon har nu løftet sløret for deres næste kamera i den billig ende af skalaen. Kameraet hedder EOS 550D og afløser EOS 500D. Ud fra specifikationer ser det ud til Canon virkelig har kastet et [...]


Lidt nyheder

By |2019-01-07T19:45:52+01:00februar 1st, 2010|Udstyr|

I dag står den på en lille hurtig nyheds opdatering. Canon 1D Mark IV - Firmware opdatering Canon er stadig i fuld gang med at levere de første eksemplarer af deres 1D Mark [...]


Canon 1D Mark IV

By |2019-01-07T19:45:52+01:00januar 27th, 2010|Udstyr|

Jeg har været så heldig at få lov og lege lidt med et Canon 1D Mark IV. Jeg skød med en hel stribe forskellige objektiver for at prøve og få en ide om hvordan kameraet [...]


Canon 70-200L F2.8 IS II

By |2018-01-29T14:29:17+01:00januar 5th, 2010|Udstyr|

Well well time for the first big camera news of the year. Canon is upgrading their work horse 70-200L F2.8 IS. This is one of the most widely used lenses in the press photographers arsenal. [...]


Nikon D3s high iso samples

By |2019-01-07T19:45:51+01:00november 6th, 2009|Udstyr|

We are all looking forward to the upcoming cameras from both Nikon and Canon. There has been very few images from both Nikon and Canon for the public to view. Now however we [...]


Canon EOS 1D Mark IV

By |2019-01-07T19:45:08+01:00oktober 21st, 2009|Udstyr|

Well well well Nikon was not alone on the top of iso preformance for long. Yesterday 20/10-2009 Canon announced their new press/sport flagship camera. Like Nikon the normal iso mode goes all the way up [...]


Nikon D3s is here

By |2019-01-07T19:44:26+01:00oktober 14th, 2009|Udstyr|

The new Nikon D3s took centre stage today when Nikon had a press conference. The upgrade to the D3 does not bring loads of new features but still we are looking at video and a [...]


Canon Press Conference

By |2018-01-29T14:29:19+01:00oktober 13th, 2009|Udstyr|

It's not long ago that Nikon announced their press conference, it will take place tomorrow and most likely we will see a D3s announced. Canon seems determinant not to be far behind they [...]


Nikon Press Conference

By |2009-10-10T19:52:42+01:00oktober 10th, 2009|Udstyr|

Nikon Denmark has called in for a press conference on Wednesday the 14th October 2009. There are no details about the conference and nothing on what Nikon will reveal. It does however say that Nikon [...]


Canon EOS 7D

By |2018-01-29T14:29:19+01:00september 1st, 2009|Udstyr|

Well today is the day. Canon is releasing info on the Canon EOS 7D today. The camera will be the first in a new product line. It will find it's place in between the Canon [...]

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