Photokina is about to start and we will have loads of news in the coming days. Nikon could not wait a few days so today we see a new pieces of glass from them. Its  a normal lens called AF-S Nikkor 50mm F1.4G.

Nikon ofcourse does already have a normal lens but this will in many eyes be a long waited upgrade. The biggest thing is proberly that it now has a build in Silent wave autofocus motor so it can be used with Nikon’s low end dslr models such as the D60, D40 and D40x.

The front elements does not move or rotate, this should make it easier to use filters and focus at close distance.

The lens is based on a new optical system with 8 elements in 7 groups. The diaphragm now has a circular aperture to smooth out the background blur.

Nikon promises that this new optical system should give improved image quality with less flare and chromatic aberration.

Nikon Pressrelease

Nikkor 50mm F1.4G

Nikkor 50mm F1.4G