I hope you have all had a very nice Christmas and that all your wishes were granted. Past days has been a bit quiet on the blog of course do to the holiday  and me spending some time with the family.

The next big thing is already here tomorrow where we celebrate the new years. This is of course something you want to get some great photographs of. I have collected a series of links to some sites giving you a heads up on how to get great photographs of the brilliant fireworks.

I will list a few things here if your are to lazy to visit the site.

  • Use a tripod for a good stable support
  • Find a good angel to shoot from
  • You are not fast enough so use a long shutter speed to capture the show – start with 5 seconds and work from there.
  • Keep the iso as low as possible
  • Try using both a wide angel to include the scenery and a tele to focus in close.
  • Use mirror lock-up to reduce camera shake.

Loads of details about these things can be found on the links. Scroll down to get inspired 🙂



https://www.nyip.com/ezine/holidays/digfirewks.html – How to with a point n’ shoot




And now a little inspiration…

Foto by: Spice

Photo by: Spice

Photo by: Mr Magoo ICU

Photo by: Christopher Chan

Foto by: fensterbme

Photo by: fensterbme

Foto by: Ania^R & Vincey

Photo by: Ania^R & Vincey

Photo by: Samuli Ikäheimo

Photo by: Samuli Ikäheimo

Photo by: 囧-WQ-囧

Photo by: 囧-WQ-囧

Photo by: Graphic Details Photography

Photo by: Graphic Details Photography

I hope you all have a very nice evning and get some  nice shots. Take care of yourself out there remember this stuff is dangerous to.

Feel free to post a  link to some nice fireworks photography.