Behind the Scenes videoer

theis2018-01-29T14:29:04+01:00august 24th, 2010|Foto video|

Ja der har været stille på bloggen. Som du sikkert har gættet skyldes det ferie. Nu er den desværre slut og det går løs igen 🙂 I dag har jeg en lille stribe Behind the [...]


Light Tutorial: Summer Sun

theis2021-12-28T23:52:34+01:00september 3rd, 2009|Lys tutorials|

Hello out there it's time for yet another photo recipe. I have got some feedback that you really like these small post where I include the light setup. I hope you like this one ass [...]


Light Tutorial: In the Air

theis2021-12-28T23:38:33+01:00juli 13th, 2009|Lys tutorials|

Next up on my photo recipe post is "In the Air". This shot like "Urban BMX" was shot on a night out with the local photography club. This however was not done with studio lightning [...]


Light Tutorial: BMX

theis2021-12-28T23:41:12+01:00juli 6th, 2009|Lys tutorials|

Thought I would start up a new category here on the page called "Photo Recipe" or just PR for short. This will be a category where I upload a picture and share with you what [...]

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