Chase Jarvis – Behind the Scenes video

theis2010-06-10T14:54:35+01:00juni 10th, 2010|Foto video|

Chase Jarvis har nok været den førende fotograf inden for sociale medier. Han har forstået at bruge twitter, facebook, youtube, podcasts osv. til at skabe sig et rigtig stærkt navn. Navnet har han selvfølgelig ikke [...]


Camera Raw & Lightroom update

theis2022-10-25T20:00:23+01:00september 15th, 2009|Redigering|

Adobe has released an update to Adobe Camera Raw brining it up to version 5.5 and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom now in version 2.5 The release does not contain any dramatic changes or exiting [...]


CS4 – Camera Raw Update

theis2022-12-01T19:40:09+01:00november 25th, 2008|Redigering|

Adobe has put up a new update for their Camera Raw plug-in to Photoshop. the update is only available for Adobe Photoshop CS4. New/upgraded features Camera profiles included and updated Output sharpening Targeted Adjustment [...]


Capture One 4pro

theis2022-10-25T19:17:47+01:00oktober 16th, 2008|Redigering|

Capture One 4 has been out for a while now but loads of us have been craving for the pro version. Capture One has now finally put out the pro version of their software. We [...]

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