Nikon updates Camera Control Pro

By |2019-01-07T19:45:52+01:00januar 14th, 2010|Redigering|

Nikon has isued a update for their Camera Control Pro software. The update brings Camera Control up to speed with the recent released firmware update for the D3 and D700 cameras. Auto iso and auto [...]


Canon guy, Nikon Girl

By |2009-12-03T09:54:26+01:00december 3rd, 2009|Foto video, Generelt|

Canon vs. Nikon this is a very old war just like mac vs. pc. The war is pretty lame but still sometimes its just good fun. Joey L is an amazing photographer and now he [...]


CS4 – Camera Raw Update

By |2018-01-29T14:29:33+01:00november 25th, 2008|Redigering|

Adobe has put up a new update for their Camera Raw plug-in to Photoshop. the update is only available for Adobe Photoshop CS4. New/upgraded features Camera profiles included and updated Output sharpening Targeted Adjustment tool, [...]

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