Adobe Creative Cloud CC – Fun

2022-11-03T14:02:24+01:00maj 10th, 2013|Foto video|

Adobe kom til Adobe Max med nyheden om at CS6 bliver den sidste CS version af deres software. Det betyder at alle fremtidige opdateringer kun vil komme i deres cloud løsning. Det kan man [...]


Canon guy, Nikon Girl

2022-12-06T17:35:07+01:00december 3rd, 2009|Foto video, Generelt|

Canon vs. Nikon this is a very old war just like mac vs. pc. The war is pretty lame but still sometimes its just good fun. Joey L is an amazing photographer and now [...]


Creative Adobe Photoshop CS5

2022-12-06T18:13:42+01:00november 29th, 2009|Redigering|

Some people just are creative and get some fun ideas. I came by this little image while browsing the other day. I guess if we take this image for real the next version of [...]

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