Joey L. vs Zack Arias

theis2019-01-07T19:57:40+01:00april 3rd, 2011|Foto video|

For ca. et år siden postede jeg en lille video med en foto duel imellem Zack Arias, Joey L. og David (strobist) Hobby. Det hele fandt sted til Golf Photo Plus og var rigtig underholdene. [...]


Light Duel over Chesebruger !!!

theis2018-01-29T14:29:19+01:00oktober 6th, 2009|Fotografi|

The big duel of the year has taken place. This year the grand prize a Cheeseburger from McKlowski will be thought over by none other than Scott (Shetland pony breeder) Kelby from Photoshop World and [...]

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