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Light Tutorial: Blue Glass

theis2021-12-29T21:03:30+01:00november 23rd, 2009|Lys tutorials|

Well well time for another little light tutorial/setup post. This is from a recent trip to a closed down shopping area. They had these folding glass front windows. I extended them a bit an stuck [...]


Light Tutorial: Summer Sun

theis2021-12-28T23:52:34+01:00september 3rd, 2009|Lys tutorials|

Hello out there it's time for yet another photo recipe. I have got some feedback that you really like these small post where I include the light setup. I hope you like this one ass [...]


Canon EOS 7D?? – Is it coming?

theis2022-10-27T20:17:04+01:00august 21st, 2009|Udstyr|

Rumours are flying around like crazy at the moment. A lot of people are talking about a new Canon camera supposedly the 7D following up on the huge success the Canon EOS 5D Mark [...]


Light Tutorial: BMX

theis2021-12-28T23:41:12+01:00juli 6th, 2009|Lys tutorials|

Thought I would start up a new category here on the page called "Photo Recipe" or just PR for short. This will be a category where I upload a picture and share with you what [...]


Don’t forget to update your 5D Mark II

theis2019-01-07T19:43:24+01:00juni 2nd, 2009|Udstyr|

Today Canon has released it's firmware update for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, taking it to version 1.1.0 This version adds the manual control over the video function that I wrote about yesterday. But [...]


5D Mark II manuel video

theis2009-05-27T07:58:58+01:00maj 27th, 2009|Udstyr|

Big news VERY big news. Canon has announced that they will release a firmware upgrade for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II 2 June 2009. The big thing is that as the headline says it [...]


5D Mark II (7D) video playback

theis2018-01-29T14:29:30+01:00januar 17th, 2009|Software, Udstyr|

Some of all us people on a pc might have some problems with the raw video form the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. This i due to quicktime not really supporting hardware on PC's. However [...]

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