Profoto has announced a new line of monobloc flashes. Monobloc meaning that power is built into the flash so you don’t need to use a power pack.  The flash will come in 3 different sizes 250, 500 and 1000 watt. All of these will have a 7 stop range so you can fine tune the power to your exact need.

Profoto D1

Profoto D1

The 250 and 500 watt versions is available both with and without build in Profoto Air. This enables you to trigger the flash without any signal cord. The 1000 watt verison has this option build in by stanard and is not available without it.

The lights are compatible with all of the Profoto light modifiers so they should cover just about everything your heart desires.

Specs from profoto:

Profoto D1 Specs

Profoto D1 Specs

You can also download a D1 product brochure directly from Profoto. It contains more on the lights and different modifiers. Download

Together with its new products Profoto has released a few videos showing some of the tricks you can do with these lights. Keep in mind that these tricks will work well with different brands also, so make sure you check them out 🙂

You can visit the D1 webpage right here.

Tony Corbell and Profoto D1 Monoblocs.

1 Light Portraiture: Tony Corbell & Profoto D1.

2 Light Portraiture: Tony Corbell & Profoto D1.

3 Light Portraiture: Tony Corbell & Profoto D1.

4 Light Portraiture: Tony Corbell & Profoto D1.

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