Nikon Denmark has called in for a press conference on Wednesday the 14th October 2009. There are no details about the conference and nothing on what Nikon will reveal.

It does however say that Nikon Denmark’s strategy “Making the Danish people even better photographers” will be clearly shown.

For that reason I think it is safe to say that we will see a new camera from Nikon Wednesday next week.

What camera it will be we can only guess on. An increasing number of rumours about a D3s has leaked out in the last few weeks and we might see this upgrade. Some people have been speculating in a D700x/D700s but this it will not be, the D700 is only one year old and the other day at a photo fair in Germany Peter Giesen from Nikon said there was no new D700 in the near future.

When asked about the D3s he just dodged the question and skipped to the next one.
We could also be looking at new lenses for the lineup, but I think the most likely at the moment is a D3s  what specs it will have is hard to say, but I think we will see the first Nikon Pro DSLR with video.

Time will tell for sure what Nikon will show.