Nikon D3s

Nikon D3s

We are all looking forward to the upcoming cameras from both Nikon and Canon.

There has been very few images from both Nikon and Canon for the public to view. Now however we get a look at what Nikon has worked up.
Rob Galbraith has had a nearly production ready D3s for a little testing.

He took it for a spin in a circus and there is a gallery of test images going all the way up to iso 102.400

He also did some test shots against the D3 so you have the possibility to have a side by side comparison of the D3 and D3s.

It looks like Nikon improved the ISO performance by around one stop on the new D3s.

The image gallery is ofcourse in full size so you can have a close look at the files.

Rob Galbraith full ress D3s High iso gallery