Leica has now dropped a bomb in the dlsr market. I don’t think anybody was expecting this. But Leica has now released info about the S – system. They are starting the system off with a medium format camera called Leica S2 and 9 new lenses.

The S2 has a 30x45mm CCD sensor boosting 37 megapixels. The new chip is 56% larger than a normal full frame sensor. This should give and improved image quality and lower noise.

New shutter system, the S2 is running a dual shutter system with a normal focal plane shutter as we now it from most dslr, but some of the new lenses will have a central shutter making faster flash sync possible.

Leica S2

Leica S2

This new system looks interesting for the on location photographer. The camera has about the same size as a 1D series camera from canon. Operating speed is said to be twice as fast as a normal medium format body. The S2 is weather sealed and the battery life should be a good deal better than other medium format systems. The camera also has the possibility of creating in camera jpg files this could speed op the processing of images.

All this combined with in no doubt a very high image quality should make this one attractive camera. The only downside could be the price. Nothing out on this yet but expect it to be very pricey.
The new lens line-up will for now have nine lenses covering from wide angel to tele and including a tilt-shit lens.

Lens list: 24mm ultrawide, 35mm wide, 70mm standard, 100mm short tele, 120mm macro, 180mm telephoto, and 30mm tilt-and-shift.

Leica S2 System

Leica has put up a site with some info about their new system. On this site you will also find a statement that Phaseone and Leica has entered a partnership. This could suggest that Phaseone has played a role in the development of this new camera.