I don’t know how wide the knowledge of this goes outside Europe but in last couple of weeks there has been riots in Greece. Loads of young people have been making the streets into something like a war zone. Fires in the street and violent fights with the police.

The reason for all this is that the police shot dead a 15 year old. This is of course tragic but still the reactions have been very strong. The policeman has now been charged so in time we will see if there is a reason for all this.

Well that was a very short background, what I really wanted to share was some of the pictures coming from all this trouble. Naturally loads of press is covering this and I have gathered some links to galleries with pictures from this troubled city.

The Sacremento Bee – Nice large pictures that illustrates the riots up-close.

The Age – Not so big pictures but there is 87 of them and they do tell the story.

National Post – Not so many or so big but with a good image text.

Flickr user Teacher Dude’s BBQ’s – Some images not seen in the media.

Sky News – Some good images that show the mayhem and the after match.

Telegraph – Good pictures from the riots.

Telegraph – Strong images of petrol bomb attack on police

Eitb – A series pictures from the riots

Youtube video slideshow
I have included a few videos to show some live pictures from this conflict feel free to skip this part if you are not into live images.