Smukt vinter bryllup

Det bliver koldere og koldere også her i lille Danmark. Den typiske bryllups sæson er ved at være over, men der er også folk der bliver gift i vinter halvåret. I år kunne jeg fristes til at tro der er lidt flere end normalt. Vi rammer i år datoen 12-12-12 i december, og selvom det [...]

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16 Top photographers

Der findes tons vis af gode sider med fotografi og rigtig mange dygtige fotografer. Jeg har været lidt rundt på nettet og fundet en stribe fotograf hjemmesider som indeholder nogle rigtig gode billeder. Det at kigge på godt foto håndværk er altid spændende, så tag et kig forbi disse dygtige fotografers portfolier. Har du en [...]

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Flick of Inspiration

Sorry for the lack of this post yesterday it was actually finished but I was not near a computer with any time to post. Went to see the local hockey team play the finals and luckily we got a win :) But enough with the stories here we go a stack of images to give [...]

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Flick of Inspiration

Flash, strobes, softbox, gels, beauty dish, strip light, reflectors and loads of other words are flying around when we talk light. This week I have dedicated flick of inspiration to getting back to basics. We all need to remember that natural light is amazing. I hope some of these images shows you that you don't [...]

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Flick of Inspiration

Not a very long post today, but it's not due to time issues I have spent loads of time but have not really been able to find images that I found inspiring enough. But here goes what I have found, ill try to find some more for next week. [...]

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Flick of Inspiration

I haven't thought out any big theme this week but just found some images I found inspiring. I ended up just going with images from one photographer, since he had so much great work. Make sure you stop by this guys flickr page, because what you see here is only a very small part of [...]

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Flick of Inspiration

This week I will point you to only one guy. He uses flickr in a way that I can really appreciate. Not only does he post some nice pictures but he also shares the lightning setup's. He sets up very nice illustrations and descriptions showing where the light is placed, what modifier is used and [...]

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Flick of Inspiration

Back this week with some inspiration. Not really any clear theme this week. We start out with some jumping shots and move on to some shots I just find inspiring and wanted to share. Make sure you click the images to visit the photographers flickr page. [...]

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Flick of Inspiration

This week we go beneath the surface of inspiration. The images this week is from under water and showcases the huge potential the underwater world has. Make sure to check out the flickr sites of these great photographers. [...]

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Flick of Inspiration

This week I will not share any images with you instead I will have a small series of videos. These videos are called confessions of a photographer. They share some work by a photographer and shows some nice images, lightning tips and more. Make sure you go by them all since there is some good [...]

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