Photographers Math

By |2018-01-29T14:29:27+01:00marts 27th, 2009|Generelt|

Take the more new math concept and add a bored photographer and you get Photographers Math. When people get bored its not always a bad thing as this new site proves. Everyday the blog is [...]


Wee the blog is back

By |2018-01-29T14:29:28+01:00marts 13th, 2009|Generelt|

The blog has now been moved to a new server and should be up and running again. You have hopefully not had big problems as a reader of the blog but the backend has been [...]


Fear not !

By |2018-01-29T14:29:28+01:00februar 25th, 2009|Generelt|

Fear not the blog is not dead and neither is I, but I feel damn near close to it. I have been down sick for the better part of a week now, hardly leaving the [...]


Now mobile

By |2018-01-29T14:29:29+01:00februar 6th, 2009|Generelt|

The other day I just dumped some money on a new phone. I thought about the Iphone but it simple just has to many drawbacks so I went with the HTC HD instead. This is [...]


1.474mp of Barack Obama

By |2018-01-29T14:29:30+01:00januar 25th, 2009|Fotografi, Generelt|

Photographer David Bergman was at the ceremony at the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, DC where Barack Obama became the 44th president of the USA. Over time he has covered everything from presidents, Olympics, super [...]


Happy New Year

By |2009-01-01T12:10:19+01:00januar 1st, 2009|Generelt|

I just wan't to wish you all a happy new year. I hope you got into it well and will get many good hours of photographing :) I found this little video of some fantastic [...]


US Ice Storm Pictures

By |2019-01-07T19:42:27+01:00december 16th, 2008|Generelt|

Hey this will be a short little post but I have to share this link with you. The other day in the US they had a awful ice storm that killed power and heat to [...]


New Theme

By |2018-01-29T14:29:32+01:00november 29th, 2008|Generelt|

I am sorry for the lag of posts on this blog for a few days. I have been very busy with the life away from the computer. Also I have been working on a new [...]


Joe McNally in Copenhagen

By |2018-01-29T14:29:33+01:00november 5th, 2008|Fotografi, Generelt|

Friday the 31th of October Joe McNally was in Copenhagen with the Speed of Light tour.  Last time Joe was in Copenhagen I had a blast of a day and my brain was just packed [...]


Stay tuned

By |2018-01-29T14:29:34+01:00august 19th, 2008|Generelt|

This blog will soon go live with loads of goodies for all the people out there with photography as interest.

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