Capture One 4 has been out for a while now but loads of us have been craving for the pro version. Capture One has now finally put out the pro version of their software. We finally got the tethered shooting function back to one of the best raw converters out there.

Other news include white balance correction with a new skin colour tool. This enables you to click on a skin tone and capture one will automatically correct the white balance.

This is not the only upgrade you get when buying in to the pro version. Below is a list of the differences between Capture On 4 and Capture One 4pro.

Capture One 4 vs. Capture One 4pro

Capture One 4 vs. Capture One 4pro

One very great thing is that if you allready own a copy of Capture One 3.x pro this is a free upgrade. That should make a lot of people happy, a free and pretty big upgrade.

You can read more on where you can also download a 30 day trail version.