Funny Beautiful Emotions Different

You do not look bad in front of the camera, and you should not hate it. You should enjoy it, have fun and feel that the funny moments, big feelings and the atmosphere is captured forever.

Live, Love, Party, Remember – always together

Who am i?

I do not drink cofee… I feel like everybody talks about their love for cofee..
A good cold soda is my guilty pleasure 🙂

I love meeting people, I believe that is why I love photography. I get to meet all kinds of amazing people, hear their story and maybe even become a small part of it.

Wedding pictures

Remember the great moments…

A wedding day if full of big emotions and great moments. For this reason alone it’s important to have a wedding photographer with you on the big day.

The images are for you now, you in 25 years, for your kids and grand kids. Pictures keep on living, they write our story and builds bridges between generations.

Nothing beats taking out the wedding or family album and be transported back to fund memories.


Booking a wedding photographer may pose a lot of questions. You have questions for me as a photographer, but I also have questions for you. I want to know your story so please contact me and let’s have a chat.