Lightroom 3 Beta 2

Som du sikkert har opdaget har der i noget tid været en beta udgave ude af den kommende Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3. Adobe har nu gjort det muligt at downloade Beta 2 af Lightroom 3. Denne udgave indeholder en del forbedringer og der er vist ingen tvivl om at vi nærmer os et færdigt produkt. [...]

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5D Mark II Firmware nu er den her…

Så kom den endelig - den nye firmware til Canon EOS 5D Mark II har været længe ventet. De første rygter kom allerede sidste år. For nogle uger siden kom Canon så med information om hvad opdatering ville indeholde. Nu er den så endelig blevet offentlig gjort og alle os der vil bruge [...]

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Canon 1D Mark IV

Jeg har været så heldig at få lov og lege lidt med et Canon 1D Mark IV. Jeg skød med en hel stribe forskellige objektiver for at prøve og få en ide om hvordan kameraet opfører sig. For mig var der helt sikkert tale om en positiv oplevelse. Fokus Canon 1D Mark III [...]

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Nikon updates Camera Control Pro

Nikon has isued a update for their Camera Control Pro software. The update brings Camera Control up to speed with the recent released firmware update for the D3 and D700 cameras. Auto iso and auto focus tracking should act like as with the updated firmware. The software is now in version 2.7.1 Download Camera Control [...]

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Canon EOS 1D Mark IV

Well well well Nikon was not alone on the top of iso preformance for long. Yesterday 20/10-2009 Canon announced their new press/sport flagship camera. Like Nikon the normal iso mode goes all the way up to 12.800 and there is Hi modes all the way up to 102.400 iso. Results at this level will not [...]

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Nikon D3s is here

The new Nikon D3s took centre stage today when Nikon had a press conference. The upgrade to the D3 does not bring loads of new features but still we are looking at video and a staggering Hi3 iso at 102.400. As you can see from the picture the design of the D3s is [...]

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Camera Raw & Lightroom update

Adobe has released an update to Adobe Camera Raw brining it up to version 5.5 and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom now in version 2.5 The release does not contain any dramatic changes or exiting new things. It ads support for new cameras and fixes a few bugs. New supported cameraes: Nikon D300s Nikon D3000 [...]

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Flick of Inspiration

This week I will point you to only one guy. He uses flickr in a way that I can really appreciate. Not only does he post some nice pictures but he also shares the lightning setup's. He sets up very nice illustrations and descriptions showing where the light is placed, what modifier is used and [...]

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5D Mark II (7D) video playback

Some of all us people on a pc might have some problems with the raw video form the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. This i due to quicktime not really supporting hardware on PC's. However you can download a small free program called vlc that with a small settings change will playback the video just [...]

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5D Mark II – Sampels – video & pictures

Loads of people out there including me is waiting with great anticipation for the new Canon EOS 5D Mark II. This camera with its high 21mp resolution, full HD video recording and a relative low price could prove to be a very big seller for Canon. This camera will appeal to both the people in [...]

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